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Pear phenology and climate data from 1960-2020, Kent, UK

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This dataset contains flowering times (in Julian days) of 12 different pear cultivars from 1960-2020 collated from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany East Malling Research (NIAB EMR) in East Malling, Kent and the National Fruit Collection in Brogdale. There are four different phenological stages included:

- First flowering; when the first flower is open on the pear tree (First_and_ten_flowering.csv)
- Ten percent flowering, when 10% of flowers are open on the pear tree (First_and_ten_flowering.csv)
- Full flowering, when over 50% of flowers have opened on the tree(Full_flowering.csv);
- Last flowering, when 90% of petals have fallen (Last_flowering.csv)

Alongside this weather variables including maximum, minimum and mean temperatures for each month, total monthly rainfall, total monthly frost days, January-April average mean temperature and January-April total frost days, used within the principal components analysis (PCA) and linear mixed models (LMM). Weather variables were calculated using Met Office data from Brogdale and East Malling weather stations. The data set also contains frost days Jan-Apr and mean Jan-Apr temperature predicted for 2080, for 4 different Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP ) scenarios, calculated using data from the UK Climate Projections User Interface.

Resource Type: Dataset
Creators: Reeves, Laura ORCID logoORCID:
Contributors: Senapathi, Deepa ORCID logoORCID:, Garratt, Michael ORCID logoORCID: and Fountain, Michelle ORCID logoORCID:
Rights-holders: Laura Reeves
Data Publisher: University of Reading
Publication Year: 2022
Data last accessed: 1 March 2024
Metadata Record URL:
Organisational units: Life Sciences > School of Agriculture, Policy and Development > Department of Sustainable Land Management > Centre for Agri-environmental Research (CAER)
Participating Organisations: University of Reading
Keywords: phenology, climate change, pear, emissions scenarios, RCP scenarios, temperature, frost days
Data Availability: OPEN


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