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Material specific dataset covering information for decorated Iron Age artefacts

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This dataset includes recorded information for five material types: ceramic pottery, antler/bone combs, stone, wood, and metal. This information has been accumulated into four Access databases [Pottery, Antler/Bone, Stone/Wood, and Metal]. Stone and Wood have been combined into one database for recording due to the number of examples compared to the other material sources. All four of these databases include information covering General Information [site name, type of site, county, regional zone, period of occupation], Context [previous artefact number, location on site, date of object], Material [general material, form type, inclusions, colour, condition], Decoration [general typology, location on object, direction on decoration, general decoration, motifs], Decorative Techniques, and Reference Information. This information was collected from object descriptions and illustrations within site reports and previous literature. In order to avoid any overlap, all of the artefacts were re-labelled based on the material and order in which they have been recorded within my database. My final database includes a Reference Database. This database includes a list of all materials covered within my previous Access databases, their current artefact numbers, and a citation of their original sources.

This dataset was created to determine the visual qualities of different artefacts based on their material associations; their similarities, differences, and connections to form, function, and decoration. In turn, these databases were used within my PhD thesis to highlight the potential social connections between different groups and regions within southern Britain during the Iron Age.

Resource Type: Dataset
Creators: Downum, Sarah
Rights-holders: Sarah Downum
Data Publisher: University of Reading
Publication Year: 2022
Data last accessed: 26 February 2024
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Organisational units: Science > School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science > Department of Archaeology
Participating Organisations: University of Reading
Data Availability: OPEN


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