University of Reading Research Data Archive

Licence for Restricted Data


This Licence grants you, the End User, the right to download and use the data file(s) made available by the University of Reading Research Data Archive (the Archive) according to the terms specified below.  By downloading any files licensed under these terms you will be deemed to have accepted this agreement in full.

In order to use the data file(s) made available under this agreement you must first have requested and been granted permission to do so by an Authorising Agent. The Authorising Agent may be an administrator acting for the Archive or any person who holds rights in the data file(s) or is authorised by the rights-holder(s) in the data file(s) to grant permission to use and specify the conditions of use of the data file(s).

End User Agreement

I, the End User, agree:


The Archive makes no undertakings as to the accuracy of the data file(s) supplied under this Licence, or their conformity with any relevant laws, and accepts no liability for mistakes, omissions, or legal infringements or infringements of third party rights within the data file(s).

The Archive accepts no liability for any damage, loss or injury arising from use of  or reliance on any information supplied in the data file(s).

This Licence may be varied in writing by the agreement of the Archive or any Authorising Agent and the End User. No consent from any other party is required to vary or rescind this Licence.