University of Reading Research Data Archive

Submission Policy


Only eligible Depositors can create Metadata Records for Datasets and Collections and deposit associated Datasets.

Submissions will be published only when they have been validated against minimum requirements and approved by an Archive Administrator.

Eligible Depositors

Reading Users are eligible to create Metadata Records for Datasets and Collections and to deposit associated Datasets.

Reading Users include:

Permission to deposit Datasets

Datasets of a total volume less than 20 GB may be deposited by any eligible Depositor at any time without prior permission.

Any Dataset deposit of a total volume in excess of 20 GB must first be approved by the Archive Administrators.

Any Dataset deposit of a total volume in excess of 20 GB may be subject to a charge and must be agreed in advance with the Archive Administrators.

Deposits exceeding 20 GB in volume made without prior permission from the Archive Administrators will be rejected.

Anyone wishing to deposit a Dataset greater than 20 GB in volume should contact in the first instance to request approval.

Terms and conditions of deposit

Any User who deposits data files into the Archive must accept the Archive’s Deposit Agreement. The Agreement is summarised below.

Deposit of data in the Archive does not transfer ownership of the data or any rights in the data. All rights in the data are reserved by the rights-holder(s), including any moral rights under the laws of intellectual property, such as the right to be acknowledged as the creator or source of the Dataset.

File size

Data files may be uploaded via the Archive web interface. The Archive currently has a size limit of 10 GB per file for web upload. Some browsers have a file size limit of 4 GB on file uploads, and network connection speeds may also limit the size of uploads. If a Depositor wishes to deposit files larger than 10 GB, or experiences difficulty uploading files, they should contact for advice on the options available.


Files in a Dataset can be placed under embargo for a specified period, so that the Metadata Record and file names are visible, but the file contents cannot be viewed or downloaded.

Files should not be embargoed for more than 12 months from the date of deposit, and the embargo should last no longer than the date of publication of any research findings that rely on or reference the Dataset, unless there is good reason for continuing to withhold access to data, for example, to comply with the terms of a commercial or sponsorship agreement, or to protect intellectual property rights pending commercial exploitation or patent registration.

Minimum requirements

A Metadata Record must be created for each Dataset deposited. The Metadata Record must be a valid record in accordance with the requirements of the Metadata Policy. A mandatory minimum amount of metadata must be supplied in order to create a valid Metadata Record.

To be accepted in the Archive and published, a Dataset must conform to the following requirements:

Validation and approval of submissions

All submissions will be validated against the minimum requirements by an Archive Administrator.

If the submission is deemed out of scope of the Archive Collection Policy it will be rejected.

If the submission is in scope of the Collection Policy but fails to meet the minimum requirements it will be returned to the Depositor with a request for the required information/data.

The Administrator may modify metadata elements to correct minor errors, ensure consistency with Archive policies, and add administrative metadata, but will not make substantive modifications to descriptive metadata without the prior approval of the Depositor.

The accuracy and authenticity of the content of submissions will not be checked by the Archive Administrator and are the sole responsibility of the Depositor.

Once a submission has been approved by an Administrator it will be accepted into the repository. At this stage:

Exemptions from DOI allocation

A DOI will not be assigned to a Metadata Record if any of the following conditions apply: