University of Reading Research Data Archive

Takedown Policy


The University of Reading takes reasonable steps to ensure that any Dataset and associated Metadata Record published in its Research Data Archive (the Archive) are an accurate and authentic output of research activity undertaken at the University, that the Dataset does not breach any law, and that it does not violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property right whatsoever of any person(s) or organisation.

Materials deposited in the Archive are made available on the terms specified by the Depositor of the Dataset, with the implied permission of all rights-holders, and will not be withdrawn from the Archive except in keeping with Archive policy or on receipt of a valid and proven complaint.

Grounds for complaint

Acceptable grounds for complaint include the following:

Complaint procedure

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint on any of the grounds specified above must contact the Archive in writing at with the following information:

An Archive Administrator will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing, and the Dataset in question will be immediately removed from public view pending further investigation. The complaint will be notified to the Depositor of the Dataset and any rights-holders as necessary, and will be investigated by the Research Data Manager and University legal officers as required. The Research Data Manager will notify the complainant and the Depositor of the outcome of the investigation and of any action taken as a result.

If the complaint is found to be invalid, the Dataset will be re-instated.

If it is found that there are reasonable grounds for complaint, or that there is proof of infringement, the Dataset in question will be permanently withdrawn from the Archive.

Unless there is good reason to permanently delete a Dataset, withdrawn Datasets will not be deleted, but removed from public view. The Metadata Record for a withdrawn item will be retained indefinitely, and modified to include:


To the extent permitted by law, the Archive shall not be held liable for content or material which infringes the rights of any third party. The Archive seeks to retain the good will and favour of rights-holders. To this end every effort will be made to accommodate requests and negotiate compromise. This may include the replacement of an offending Dataset with a modified version that is acceptable to the complainant, amendment of the terms of access to a Dataset or the licensing terms associated with its data files, or upholding an embargo period before making a Dataset available.