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Data on growth rates of fish from FishBase

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Data were collated from Froese, R. and Pauly, D. Editors. 2015. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication., version (10/2015).

Data were used in Sibly, R.M., Baker, J., Grady, J.M., Luna, S.M., Kodric-Brown, A., Venditti, C., Brown, J.H. 2015. Fundamental insights into ontogenetic growth from theory and fish. PNAS, 112, 13934-13939.

The data used give species/population values of the following parameters:-

K: Bertalanffy growth coefficient;
m inf: Maximum body mass;
water temperatures: T_Kelvin is the temperature we used.
Some other descriptors from FishBase are also included. See FishBase for definitions of parameters and the units in which they are measured.

Resource Type: Dataset
Creators: Luna, Susan and Barile, Josephine France R.
Rights-holders: FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc.
Data Publisher: University of Reading
Publication Year: 2016
Data last accessed: 22 June 2024
Metadata Record URL:
Organisational units: Life Sciences > School of Biological Sciences > Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Participating Organisations: University of Reading, FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc.
Keywords: fish, Bertalanffy, maximum size, water temperature
Data Availability: OPEN


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