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Atsawawaranunt, Kamolphat ORCID:, Harrison, Sandy ORCID: and Comas Bru, Laia ORCID: (2018): SISAL (Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and AnaLysis Working Group) database Version 1.0. University of Reading. Dataset.


Deng, Jie ORCID: (2018): Source codes of MATLAB program for the dynamic thermophysical process modelling of a typical 3-occupant residential apartment in the HSCW zone. University of Reading. Software.


Farncombe, Kirsten M (2018): Biogeographical distribution of house dust mites: database from the literature. University of Reading. Dataset.

Ferreira, David ORCID: (2018): Multiple equilibria of climate: outputs. University of Reading. Dataset.


Garratt, Michael ORCID:, Bommarco, Riccardo ORCID:, van Gils, Stijn ORCID:, Martin, Emily ORCID:, Redlich, Sarah ORCID:, Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf ORCID:, Switek, Stanislaw, Kleijn, David ORCID:, Mortimer, Simon ORCID:, van der Putten, Wim, Takacs, Victoria, Senapathi, Deepa ORCID: and Potts, Simon ORCID: (2018): Crop growth and aphid populations in winter wheat fields from across Europe. University of Reading. Dataset.

Garratt, Michael ORCID: and Degani, Erika ORCID: (2018): Yield parameter relationships of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) under the influence of fertiliser and insect pollination. University of Reading. Dataset.

Gough, Hannah ORCID:, Barlow, Janet and Halios, Christos ORCID: (2018): All metadata for ventilation measurements undertaken during the Refresh cube campaign (RCC) at Silsoe, UK. University of Reading. Dataset.

Gough, Hannah ORCID:, Barlow, Janet, Halios, Christos ORCID: and Luo, Zhiwen ORCID: (2018): 30 minute averaged overview data from the Silsoe Refresh Cube Campaign (RCC). University of Reading. Dataset.

Grimmond, Sue ORCID:, Lindberg, Fredrik ORCID:, Allen, Lucy, Yogeswaran, N and Kotthaus, Simone ORCID: (2018): LUCY: Large scale Urban Consumption of Energy. University of Reading. Software.


Hale, Oliver ORCID: and Cramer, Rainer ORCID: (2018): Dataset to support liquid AP-MALDI MS profiling for mastitis detection. University of Reading. Dataset.

Hale, Oliver ORCID:, Ryumin, Pavel ORCID: and Cramer, Rainer ORCID: (2018): Dataset supporting research into the production and analysis of multiply charged negative ions by atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry. University of Reading. Dataset.

Harrison, Sandy ORCID: and Prentice, Iain Colin ORCID: (2018): PMIP 2 diagnostic for mid-Holocene precipitation over northern Africa. University of Reading. Dataset.

Harvey, Natalie ORCID: and Dacre, Helen ORCID: (2018): Outputs from a multi-level emulation of a volcanic ash transport and dispersion model to quantify sensitivity to uncertain parameters. University of Reading. Dataset.

Hill, Peter ORCID: (2018): The impact of precipitating hydrometeors on the atmospheric radiation budget. University of Reading. Dataset.

Houston-Price, Carmel ORCID:, Kennedy, Orla, Hill, Claire and Owen, Laura (2018): A visual exposure strategy to facilitate the introduction of fruit and vegetables into the diets of toddlers. University of Reading. Dataset.


Merchant, Christopher and MacCallum, Stuart (2018): Lake Surface Water Temperature ARC-Lake v3 (1995-2012). University of Reading. Dataset.

Middlehurst, Gary (2018): Questionnaire survey results of respondents in four office buildings for post-occupancy evaluation. University of Reading. Dataset.

Mulder, Kelsey ORCID:, Lickiss, Matthew ORCID:, Black, Alison ORCID:, Charlton-Perez, Andrew ORCID: and McCloy, Rachel (2018): Vegetable Shipping Line Graph Testing Survey. University of Reading. Dataset.

Mulder, Kelsey ORCID:, Williams, Louis, Lickiss, Matthew ORCID:, Black, Alison ORCID:, Charlton-Perez, Andrew ORCID:, McCloy, Rachel and McSorley, Eugene (2018): Eye Tracking of Vegetable Shipping Line Graph Testing Survey. University of Reading. Dataset.


Nicoll, Keri ORCID:, Airey, Martin ORCID:, Harrison, Giles ORCID:, Marlton, Graeme ORCID: and Williams, Paul ORCID: (2018): Supplementary data for "First observations of gaseous volcanic plume electrification: a new source of charge for volcanic lightning". University of Reading. Dataset.


Ordidge, Matthew ORCID: and Venison, Edward ORCID: (2018): Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Fingerprint data for apples from the National Fruit Collection as used in Ordidge et al PLOS One 2018. University of Reading. Dataset.


Prata, Andrew ORCID:, Dacre, Helen ORCID:, Klingaman, Emma and Shine, Keith ORCID: (2018): Ash dosage and concentration risk dataset. University of Reading. Dataset.


Schroeder, David (2018): Simulations with the sea ice model CICE documenting the impact of improved sea ice physics. University of Reading. Dataset.


Wass, Ana ORCID: and Butler, George ORCID: (2018): Measurements of broad sense heritability of generation time and motility in cancer cell lines. University of Reading. Dataset.

Watson, Gemma (2018): Monastic Magic and Healing. University of Reading. Dataset.

Webber, Chris (2018): The synoptic meteorology driving the UK’s largest pollution episodes. University of Reading. Dataset.

Woden, Ben ORCID: (2018): Raw and processed neutron reflectometry and infrared spectroscopy data for oxidation of galactocerebroside monolayers. University of Reading. Dataset.

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